23 February 09 - Launching of the new face of TFM Engineering Website
Faced with the necessity of being more and more competitive, increasingly specific and exacting demands from their customers, and the growing complexity of technologies and regulations, today’s companies are confronted with many new challenges :
• Far reaching changes demand that companies become more reactive and innovative, requiring different organization systems to get the most out of their know-how and create added value
• A constantly changing environment that involves rapid and complex evolution of regulations, advanced technical nature of solutions and the commercial, financial and image impacts of these requirements
• As competition rises in all aspects of business, companies have to find new approaches to reduce cost and optimize saving strategies.
" This is where TFM Engineering comes in, as a One Stop Service Provider for total facilities maintenance and energy services "  


Committed to service our client’s needs, TFM Engineering offers the following services as a single-point of contact:
• Hard Services
Mechanical & Electrical Systems such as air conditioning, electrical & fire fighting
• Soft Services
Support services for cleaning, landscaping, pest control, hygiene, waste disposal, security and guarding, churn management, etc.
• Energy Efficiency and Management
TFM Engineering is geared to offer high quality facilities maintenance solutions.